Lybniz function graph plotter

Lybniz is an easy to use mathematical function graph plotter using pyGTK.

The project was started by Thomas Führinger. It is now also worked on by Sam Tygier.

Getting lybniz

If Lybniz is available in the Linux distribution it is recommended that you use the package from their official repositories. If not then check if it is possible to request new packages for inclusion.

Latest Release

The latest stable release is 1.3.1

Lybniz 1.3.1    Release notes

Old releases

Older versions can be found at Sourceforge or here.


Python >= 2.4
PyGTK >= 2.6

Running Lybniz

Lybniz can be started with the command
in the directory you downloaded it to.

To install lybniz run
./ install


Lybniz trigonometry graph Lybniz trigonometry graph
Lybniz diffraction pattern Lybniz gaussian

Lybniz for Nokia 770 and N800

Daniel Martín Yerga has ported Lybniz 1.3 to the maemo platform. Packages are a available from the Maemo Garage.

Getting Involved

Lybniz development happens at Source Forge.

Have a look a the hackers guide.


Bug reports can be filed at Lybniz bug tracker, or sent by email to samtygier at yahoo dot co dot uk.


Developer docs

Since version 1.1, lybniz has used safe evaluation of expressions. This is explained here, Using eval() safely in Python. Logo